How to connect to Parkview Health's Public Hotspot

How to Connect to a Public Hotspot: The Basics

Here's everything you need to get started, from finding theWi-Fi hotspot to logging on to the wireless service.


Get Wireless Enabled

To go wireless with an existing laptop, first check to see if it is wireless LAN enabled. You can have wireless through either a PC Card or an integrated solution. If wireless isn't built in, you'll need to purchase a wireless LAN Card (either PCMCIA or a mini-PCI). This card fits neatly in the PC Card slot of your laptop.


Find the Public Wi-Fi Hotspot

Next, you'll want to locate the hotspot. Using your Laptop or PDA's wireless configuration tool, start a Scan for available networks in range of the device.


Make the Connection

Wi-Fi-enabled laptops can send and receive data anywhere within the range of the wireless LAN hotspot. There are actually two steps to making a connection. The first is to have your laptop "talk" to the hotspot, which means that the hardware and hotspot must recognize each other. This should happen automatically as long as your wireless hardware is turned on (You should at least get a message saying that a wireless network is available for you to connect to). On most laptop models, you will see some sort of signal icon on the bottom right hand corner of your screen or a lit indicator on the laptop itself, which will give you feedback for "On" and signal strength (Ex. a red screen means your radio is Off; a green screen indicates it is On or a light on the laptop iteself. Ex. The blue light on the NC8000's).


You can also see the quality of the signal by clicking on the radio icon (may vary by system):

Your next step is to sign up with the wireless Internet service and configure your laptop according to Parkview instructions. (Setting the PC's NIC to get information based on DHCP and remove any proxy settings that may be setup. Also verify that you are connected to "hotspot") Most of the time, this is a matter of simply launching your browser. It will automatically go to the wireless hotspot sign-in page.


Log on to the Wireless Service

The user can sign onto the hotspot by using their Parkview user ID (legacy, employee, or dictation ID) or they can login as a Guest to the system. To login as themselves they can just put their login and password in and if they are a guest they can choose the Guest button. They will then be asked for their First and Last name, Email address and a phone number. Once filled out they choose login and they should be redirected to the original page they requested. If you were not automatically directed to the service provider's login page, your browser homepage may be set to an Intranet site (for example, on your company's network). Try browsing to an external site, then click on the refresh icon or the home icon (in your browser's toolbar) to go to the service provider's log-on page. (If you still were not directed to the hotspot log-on page, you may need to uncheck your browser's proxy settings. For further issues, check with the Parkview IS Service Center for support.) Congratulations! You should be successfully logged on. You should see the following icon in your tool bar, indicating the connection has been made.